Being a huge fan of visualization techniques, tools, and apps; it comes as no surprise that I fell in love with infographics from the start.

Infographics—when designed well, can be an incredibly powerful way to quickly communicate a lot of information quickly in a small space using visualization techniques. Combine that with the social media sharing potential that can take it viral and you can reach a much broader audience range than you would via publishing in the traditional text-based article alone.

Although I will admit that I have yet to come up with a topic that hasn’t already been done, to make an attempt at designing my own infographic.  Well, there is that and the fact that I’m too terrified it will turn up in the "Infographics Hall of Ultimate Fail". (Which, btw, I don’t know if that really exists… but it should!) (Oh, and if someone should start it as a result of reading this… could you give me a little credit for the idea, please? :o) Thanks!)

Follow the link above for a quick guide on creating your own infographics using TechSmith’s Snagit. Infographic designer, Alex Sherman, also provides a link for you to download the Snagit (Windows) project file of his featured infographic so that you can see how it’s put together and even use it as a template to design your own! 


As a victim of identity theft; which, btw, is a horrible and excruciatingly long experience to deal with that I would never wish upon my worst enemy… not that I have any enemies (I hope!), I agree with @coolcatteacher… “This is getting quite annoying.” :(  


This website has a record of the emails leaked in today’s security breach at Yahoo voices. You can type in your email and if it was breached, it will tell you. Then, CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD. Do it now. 

This is getting quite annoying.